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Costa Brothers Pty Ltd
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Our Process

Good harvesting techniques and post-harvest handling, which determine marketability and profit, are key to achieving maximum yield of high-quality Australian Almonds.

Costa Brothers is recognized for their cutting edge hulling and shelling operations, earning an industry leading role as one of the world’s finest natural almond processors. Beginning in February, Costa Brothers almonds will be harvested using mechanical shakers and sweepers operated by the industry’s most experienced individuals.

Harvest time typically occurs from early February through late March.  The orchard floor is levelled prior to harvest and cleared of any debris to provide a smooth clear surface for the nuts to be picked up after shaking.

Each variety matures at a different time so harvesting is completed in stages. This keeps different varieties separate and distinct.

After the crop is mechanically shaken to the ground, the nuts are raked into windrows and allowed to dry naturally.