Costa Brothers Pty Ltd
Costa Brothers Pty Ltd
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Hulling, Shelling & Packaging

We are committed to and will provide our customers globally with the highest quality agricultural food products, through excellence in all aspects of the company.

The Costa family and their staff strive to produce the highest quality, most consistent product possible. Our family owned hulling, shelling and packing plant is the only facility in the Australian almond industry that is an independently owned contract huller, sheller and packer. We also maintain an independently audited HACCP program. We attribute this to the dedication of each and every employee in our team who seeks the common goal of the highest quality almonds in Australia.

At Costa Brothers, we understand that we are the last stop for some growers’ almonds before they become packaged product and shipped across the globe for everyone’s enjoyment. That is why we invest in next-generation sorting equipment to ensure that our product is safe and of impeccable quality. Our driving point is our passion for our growers, the industry and the commitment to delivering the best possible product to our clients.

Many of the almonds processed throughout our facility come from our very own farms, and having the ability to control and influence quality from the orchard all the way to processing and packing is one of the many reasons we are able to provide superior quality. Our growers are known and respected throughout the industry for their attention to detail in their orchards, and the quality of product they provide us is evident. We understand that the best almonds come from the best growers.