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Costa Brothers Pty Ltd
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The Costa Brothers management team firmly believes in providing it’s employees with a safe and harmonious working environment, and our customers with outstanding service, attention to detail and exceptional almond products.

We acknowledge that all of our clients, growers and customers are the core of our business and continual improvement of our performance to exceed their expectations is the key objective to achieve our long term goals.

We comply with all relevant food regulations and are committed to maintaining our facility to the highest standard of cleanliness with an uncompromising emphasis on food safety and controls. Our HACCP certification program provides a thorough and effective framework for our entire operations.

About us today

The Costa family has been growing and processing almonds in South Australia for over 50 years. They are highly experienced and highly respected within the industry for its attention to quality.

After years of research to find the perfect property, Michael and Phillip bought 55 hectares in Swan Reach in 2007. They added an additional 679 hectares in 2012 next to their Swan Reach property.

Today Michael and Phillip have established 67 hectares of new orchards using state of the art technology to effectively produce almonds resulting in maximum returns. Here, specifically designed machines are used to both harvest and maintain a modern almond orchard.

The future

The almond industry is the fastest growing horticulture crop in Australia; global demand for the product continues to outstrip supply, as more almond products such as almond milk are added to the traditional shelled nut and ingredient mix. With the ongoing expansion in global demand for almonds forecast, and increased plantings coming into production in the next few years, the gap is expected to widen. 

A gap in almond cracking capacity for the lower Murray and Adelaide Plains area was identified and construction of a 5,000 tonne facility at Swan Reach on the Murray in South Australia was completed in 2016, and processed its first season’s crop in 2017. Our state of the art Almond Processing facility at Swan Reach is well placed to meet the needs of almond growers and fill the gap.

Jo Pippos was appointed Operations Manager in 2017. Jo is no stranger to the almond industry with over a decade of experience in the industry and her passion, dedication and expertise is driving the company forward.

Chain of Responsibility

Costa Brothers takes our involvement in the ‘Chain of Responsibility’ very seriously, ensuring that we comply with the Compliant and Enforcement (C&E) legislation in relation to potential road safety breaches.

We exercise due care and take reasonable steps to prevent breaches of road safety law, and we expect our business partners to do the same. This includes ‘third party transport’ collection and delivery of goods to and from our premises.

All Costa Brothers’ staff responsible for any aspect of incoming or outgoing transport and logistics are required to undertake ‘Chain of Responsibility’ training. All transport providers delivering or collecting goods from our premises will be required to prove compliance or provide details of the relevant person within the business that we are able to contact for compliance details. This ensures all parties within the ‘Chain of Responsibility’ are protected via the reasonable steps defence measure.