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Costa Brothers Pty Ltd
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Our Orchards

Decades of Costa family experience has developed into industry leading practices that make growing the finest quality Australian Almonds possible year after year.

In our orchards, each tree is supplied with the hydration and nutrients it needs to thrive in an Australian climate. As growing conditions change throughout the year, subtle adjustments are made. Winter pruning eliminates non-producing branches and shapes trees to take advantage of sunlight. It’s this attention to detail that makes a big difference in almond quality and consistency.

Did you know we work with some of Australia’s best Bee Keepers to pollinate our trees? Beehives are carefully placed throughout our orchards to encourage consistent and optimum pollination.

Not long after bloom, nut growth starts to appear. The almond hull begins to grow on the outside while the almonds begin to form on the inside. Once this hull splits, it’s time for harvest.